Fiat X 1/9, metallic

Product number: 033527
Listprice: €9.00
The Fiat X 1/9, a further addition to the range of Herpa Classic_x000D_models. This striking Italian made sports car was and still is very popular, due to its unique body form. The Herpa model is released in the classical colors red and silver-metallic,_x000D_featuring all fine details.. Item was produced in different colors. Delivered color might deviate from the photo.
Manufacturer Fiat
Scale 1:87
Category Cars & Trucks
Carstrucks Type car
Collection classic cars
Material plastic
Color siena red met.
Länge x Breite x Höhe 63 x 27 x 25 mm
Weight 0.008 g
Release Date July/August 2006