United Airlines Boeing 727-200 ***PREMIUM SERIES*** Edition II

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The Boeing 727 has been one of the most successful airliners of all time. When the first 727 was launched in 1963, the passengers fell in love with the elegant three engine jet, and the pilots were enthusiastic about its flying characteristics and its short take-off and landing runs. The 727 was the perfect plane for the early mass air traffic era. Only when its fuel consumption and noise emission became too high, compared to newer types, did the reliable plane become unprofitable._x000D__x000D_United Airlines, a subsidiary of Boeing until 1934, and one of the world's largest airlines for decades, was the largest single operator of the 727. From the 1,832 aircraft of this type built by Boeing until the production was discontinued in 1984, no less than 230 were purchased by this large American airline. As early as in 1967, the stretched version of this successful plane – the Boeing 727-200 – was available, and the jet era for the masses could really begin._x000D__x000D_This 727-222 Advanced, registered N7295U, purchased in 1979, is still being operated by United Airlines, but its days are numbered. Before its partnership with Lufthansa which began in 1994, the medium haul jet was sometimes used for feeder routes like those between London and Germany. Since the code-sharing agreement under the umbrella of the Star Alliance founded in 1997, these flights are operated more efficiently by Lufthansa.
Manufacturer Boeing
Scale 1:200
Operator United Airlines
Category WINGS
Wings Type 727
Material plastic
Länge x Breite x Höhe 300 x 110 x 310 mm
Wingspan 199.5 mm
Weight 0.948 g