TAP Air Portugal Boeing 737-300 "Algarve" ***Premium Series***

Product number: 016285
Listprice: €183.63
This absolute exact replica of the TAP Air Portugal 737 "Algarve" premiers as the first Premium Series model of the Edition 2002._x000D_The original eye-catcher was revealed in 1997 to promote tourism in the Algarve region in Southern Portugal. Sadly, this aircraft - as well as all other Boeing 737s - have since left TAP’s fleet in a large-scale effort to modernize the fleet. _x000D_As each Premium Series model, this replica is limited to 1,000 pieces and comes with a numbered certificate. Reserve yours now! Of course you can also order your Premium model by phone, our Premium-hotline: ++49 9824-951-957.
Manufacturer Boeing
Scale 1:200
Operator TAP
Category WINGS
Wings Type 737
Material plastic
Wingspan 144.5 mm