Cessna 172 AirLink

Product number: 019279
Listprice: €32.00
Airlink Luftverkehrs GmbH with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, is a classic provider of various services with small aircraft. These range from offering sightseeing flights in sports planes all the way to business jets for busy but well-heeled customers of the “upper ten thousand”, which are not rare in and around Salzburg. This Cessna 172S manufactured in 1998 and registered as OE-KAL, however, belongs to the former category, which also includes a flight school for private pilots. The Cessna 172 is the world’s most produced aircraft type and reached a sales figure of 1,170 airplanes in its first year of production alone. The success story of this light aircraft might be compared to Volkswagen still manufacturing its famous “Beetle” in the 1956 design, but with modern engine and instruments. The basic design has remained the same, but since 1997, is has been powered by a 4-cylinder fuel-injected engine rated at 180 HP / 134 kW. In 1956, the ur-model cost just 8,700 US-dollars, the price for today’s 172S amounts to approx. 290,000 US-dollars.
Manufacturer Cessna
Scale 1:87
Operator Airlink
Category WINGS
Wings Type 172 Skyhawk
Material plastic
Länge x Breite x Höhe 155 x 51 x 140 mm
Wingspan 126.4 mm
Weight 0.07 g
Release Date November/December 2010