BMW 5 , standard

Product number: 023900
Listprice: €6.75
The second BMW 5 series (internal series E28) was presented in 1981. Outwardly, it remained very similar to its E12 predecessor model since only a slightly modified chassis was used. Especially the driver’s cabin remained nearly unaltered which is why the E12 doors can also be mounted in the E28. But the rear of the vehicle was designed completely new with a higher and square-edged end as well as big, chromium-framed tail-lights. Also more square-edged and bulkier is the vehicle front with the wide, for the first time divided BMW bunch as well as the differently sized double-headlights. Under the sheeting, a lot more was changed. It received a more elaborate front axle and several electronic components were installed. The remake of this Herpa classic from 1983 is released in red and gray-metallic.. Item was produced in different colors. Delivered color might deviate from the photo.
Manufacturer BMW
Scale 1:87
Category Cars & Trucks
Carstrucks Type car
Material plastic
Color Red
Länge x Breite x Höhe 64 x 27 x 25 mm
Weight 0.01 g
Release Date March/April 2008