Audi A1 "Pickerljaeger"

Product number: 024747
Listprice: €14.50
At the legendary Wörtherseetreffen (AutoNews) 2010, Audi presented seven different vehicles based on the new Audi A1®. The Herpa miniature_x000D_models will be released true to the originals and sometimes with minor modifi cations compared to the regular vehicles for instance modifi ed rims_x000D_or an additional roof spoiler. Even the interior of the miniature models will be designed respectively printed like the original.. Item was produced in different colors. Delivered color might deviate from the photo.
Scale 1:87
Category Cars & Trucks
Carstrucks Type car
Material plastic
Color White blue
Länge x Breite x Höhe 73 x 40 x 33 mm
Weight 0.015 g
Release Date May/June 2011