Air Hamburg Cessna 172

Product number: 019255
Listprice: €32.00
The dream of flying has always taken center stage of mankind. The history of flying is long and shaped by many achievements but also failures. The Herpa Showtruck no. 6 from September 2006 testifies the history of flying. If the showtruck is not enough, one has to acquire an own pilots license. The flight school in Hamburg offers these not really cheap training courses and operates a Cessna 172 for that. This small airplane is the original for our current 1/87 scale model.
Manufacturer Cessna
Scale 1:87
Operator Air Hamburg
Category WINGS
Wings Type 172 Skyhawk
Material plastic
Länge x Breite x Höhe 155 x 51 x 140 mm
Wingspan 126.4 mm
Weight 0.07 g
Release Date March/April 2009