Airport accessories "Aircraft Revetment"

Product number: 552691
Listprice: €11.00
Splitter boxes have been a part of the equipment at numerous air bases worldwide at least since the Vietnam War. When an air base comes under artillery fire, one hit only can damage the planes in the box, and the splitter boxes protect the planes parked immediately nearby from shrapnel. We now release a construction set containing twelve wall pieces, four corner joints, and four end elements in the 1/200 scale. They can be arranged flexibly, and, for instance, displayed as a box for one jet or for two airplanes, or simply as partition walls.
Scale 1:200
Category Accesories
Material plastic
Länge x Breite x Höhe 143 x 147 x 23 mm
Weight 0.092 g
Release Date July/August 2009