Airport Accessories "Classic Cars"

Product number: 520300
Listprice: €14.50
This great set matches your historic airport diorama, and contains twelve 1/500-scale cars from the 1950s and 1960s – a most fascinating addition to the two nostalgic airport sets I and II (item numbers 513746 and 513753). The classic car set contains models of the following types: Audi Front, Ford Eifel, Ford Model AA, Ford Taunus /Cortina, an LF8 fi re engine with trailer, the Mercedes 170V as a sedan and a station wagon, Mercedes-Benz 300, MBL 6600 pick-up, Opel Blitz pick-up, Horch 850 and a Goli three-wheel pick-up.
Scale 1:500
Category Accesories
Material plastic
Länge x Breite x Höhe 78 x 22 x 75 mm
Weight 0.016 g
Release Date November/December 2004